Reputation, Feedback, and Local Brand Management.

Never miss important feedback

Scanning every online review site and social platform used by your customers can turn into an unlucky person’s part-time job. A negative review that gets missed can turn into a serious issue if it goes unfixed. Automatically monitor every review site and social platform that matters to your customers, and see all the information saved in one dashboard. Respond to specific reviews directly from your dashboard, or get a high-level overview with aggregate information and trends over time for one or multiple locations with our online review monitoring services.

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Monitor Reviews, online review monitoring

More 5-Star reviews with less effort

Getting more 5-Star reviews and customer feedback without creating more work for your team is only half the problem solved. Scaling the amount of feedback you receive means it has to be frictionless for your customers too. Furthermore, it has to be at the right time and through a medium that’s most convenient to them.

Send new feedback requests through your dashboard, through our API, or use ConvuentIQ to figure out the best time and method to solicit feedback that gives you the highest chances of a positive response. Use data and natural language processing specific to your industry, to capture feedback when your customers are at the peak of their experience with your brand.

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Showcase your best online reviews

72% of consumers say online reviews make them trust a business more, but those reviews have to be believable to be effective. Use the online review monitoring widget to pick your best reviews across multiple platforms and display them on your website with a link back to their source to prove their authenticity.  You can even easily share them to your facebook account.

Instantly see new bookings, increased conversion rates, and more inquiries using the best reviews you already have.

Review Widget

Amplify the reviews you already have

Got a great review on Yelp and want to showcase it on Facebook? We’ve got you covered. Take a review from any online review platform source and push it directly to your Facebook page or other social media profiles to increase the number of reviews you have from day one.

Create rules to automatically push new reviews as soon as they happen. Build positive content that also helps you convert more visitors into customers.

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Get insights and analysis on local competitors

Keeping your finger on the pulse for what your local competitors’ reviews look like will help you shape your marketing and communication to attract customers that you otherwise might have failed to reach.

Spot trends in your competitor’s feedback over time, and uncover their strengths and weaknesses based on real customer opinions.

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Competitor analysis

Dominate local search

Ratings and reviews are now one of the largest contributors to how well your brand ranks in a local search. Having more positive reviews not only increases your natural rankings in mobile and desktop search but can also guarantee placement in the local search listings that appear above results.

Increase natural reviews from genuine customers with our online review monitoring services to outrank your competitors and to get more exposure.

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Find out what matters most to your customers

Understanding the key problem areas or benefits of your company is the real value in analyzing reviews. We use sentiment analysis and natural language processing to find recurring themes and insights within the information customers write in their reviews.

Turn these insights into actionable tasks that address problems or marketing messages that amplify what customers already love.

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Customer Feedback

Prevent bad reviews from going public

A positive experience has less impact as time goes by while a negative experience gets worse if it’s not resolved.

Allow customers that have an issue or concern they need to address with you leave instant feedback that goes directly to your team with no delay. Customers with a positive experience are taken straight to the right platform to leave a review. We reduce friction, preventing lost opportunities to gain more feedback.

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Prevent Bad Reviews

Customer Satisfaction … Quicker

We use technology to choose the best time to solicit feedback from your customer. Shorten the feedback cycle and fix issues quicker resulting in happier customers and better brand experience.

Document Storage

Spot Key Trends Over Time

See how your brand, practice, store, or chain performs over any length of time based on tangible metrics that equate to customer value. Give franchisees or managers tangible targets around customer satisfaction.

online review monitoring

More Positive Genuine Reviews

Incentivizing customers to provide reviews with giveaways or discounts can result in a ban on many review platforms. ConvuentIQ increases your chances and amounts of positive reviews without breaking the rules.

online review monitoring

Real-Time Alerts

Need to know when a negative mention or review goes live? Setup real-time alerts via mobile, SMS, or email for yourself or team members who need instant updates. Alternatively, set up a daily / weekly summary for a higher-level overview.

online review monitoring

Improve Local SEO

Search engines use positive rankings from major review platforms as a primary ranking factor in local search. In addition, improve your pay-per-click performance by linking your rating to your adverts.

online review monitoring

Manual and Automatic Platform Selection

ConvuentIQ makes smart choices from over 25 data points to guarantee you always have a balanced number of reviews everywhere that matters. Alternatively, choose your primary platform from within the app.