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Generate more authentic reviews and reduce the impact of negative ones with Online Reputation Management Software by Convuent


Review, Feedback, and Online Reputation Management for local business.

Online Reviews and mentions of your business have a bigger impact now than ever before. People use Online reviews every day to decide which businesses and services to use. We, as the best online reputation management company, help your business stand out with a set of tools designed to get you more customer reviews, showcase the outstanding ones you already have, and reduce the impact of any negative reviews that may already be on the web.

Review Platforms



Customer Satisfaction … Quicker

We use our patented technology to choose the best time to solicit feedback from your customers. Shorten the feedback cycle and fix issues quicker resulting in happier customers and a better brand experience.

Document Storage


Spot Key Trends Over Time

See how your brand, store, or chain performs over any length of time based on tangible metrics that equate to customer value. Give franchisees or managers tangible targets around customer satisfaction.

Online Reputation Management


More Positive Genuine Reviews

Incentivizing customers to provide reviews with giveaways or discounts can result in a ban on many review platforms. ConvuentIQ increases your chances and amounts of positive reviews without breaking the rules.

Online Reputation Management


Real-Time Alerts

Need to know when a negative mention or review goes live? Setup real-time Review Monitoring alerts via mobile, SMS, or email for team members who need instant updates. Alternatively, set up a daily / weekly summary for a higher-level overview.

Online Reputation Management


Improve Local SEO

Search engines use positive rankings from major review platforms as a primary ranking factor in local search. In addition, improve your pay-per-click performance by linking your rating to your adverts.

Online Reputation Management


Manual and Automatic Platform Selection

ConvuentIQ makes smart choices from over 25 data points to guarantee you always have a balanced number of reviews everywhere that matters. Alternatively, choose your primary platform from within the app.